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Lifting Mechanism, Lifting Jack, Screw Jack, Geared Motors, Material Handling Systems, Helical Gearbox
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Lifting Mechanism / Screw Jack

Where ever human force is not enough to take, move, lift and position loads the task of “INGECO” SCREW JACKS Stars. “INGECO” Screw Jack or Lifting Mechanism is widely used in Blow Molding and Extruder Machines to lift and position the screw barrel and other heavy accessories when a mould change is required in the machine.

“INGECO” Lifting Mechanism offers positive mechanical actuation, precise positioning, and uniform lifting speeds and can be used to push, or position loads, apply pressure or a linear actuations. All units are suitable for intermittent operation providing that the housing temperature including ambient is no lower than-30º C or higher than ±95º C. Factory supplied lifetime synthetic grease in standard unit will operate in this range. Our standard model is available for almost any requirement and application. They may be individually used or in a set of two to four gearboxes, depending on the load with a connecting rod connecting the units, with the help of universal joints. Bevel gears are used in case of two or more units to transmit the torque from the motor mounted unit. INGECO's versatile Mechanical Screw Jacks are available from its standard range and can lift and precisely position all kinds of loads in capacities from 1 ton to 10 tons.

This mechanism offers the combination of design flexibility and economy. Many of our Screw Jacks are operating successfully in a wide variety of industries. This new technology finds its application in paper, rubber and Plastic Equipments, food processing, glass, textiles, Tube Straightening machine etc. The applications are wide, varied and ever increasing as pneumatic and hydraulic technologies are replaced by what can be a cleaner, quieter and more reliable solution.
Important features of "INGECO" Screw Jack design:
- Incorporates an alloy steel worm & high strength bronze worm gear (drive sleeve).
- Worm shaft is supported on anti-friction tapered roller bearings.
- Drive sleeve is supported on anti-friction ball thrust bearings.
- Lifting Screw is made of high grade toughened alloy steel.
The screw has to be lubricated from time to time for smooth operation. When the load is more and screw is only support for the load, it is considered unguided and so providing guides is recommended and are necessary when load is more.

A wide range of options is available, including protective bellows to protect the screw from dust and other material, a hand wheel for manual operation, and a limit switch. All units are provided with lifetime synthetic grease and hence does not need any lubrication.
INGECO Lifting Model LM-2 LM-5
Lifting Capacity Upto 3 Tons Upto 10 Tons
Effective Height (mm) 500 650
No. of Units 02 Nos. 04 Nos. (C Section)
Diameter of Lifting Screw 45 mm 87 mm
Total Ratio 192:1 150:1
Screw Speed per minute 47.6 mm 96 mm
Motor Input Power 2 H.P. 5 H.P.

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